The Human Response to Global Warming

Over the past few years, we’ve been constantly warned about global warming and how the world is falling apart with horrendous natural disasters—from the unforgettable earthquake in Haiti in 2010 to the Japanese earthquake in 2011. Simultaneously, films like 2012 were released to raise awareness about the consequences of climate change. This was no doubt a call for us to take action. Because of this issue and the recent Youth for Climate strike, I was inspired to create images that portray the human response to these intense climate changes and focus specifically on the idea of heat.

The concept here is straightforwardly illustrated through the models’ body language. The warm color palette emphasizes heat, which has been intensified by the severe change in climate. Each of these images shows a different mood, whether it’s exhaustion, resistance, or defeat. My intention with this series is to highlight global warming’s impact on humans’ emotions, health, and well-being.

By Rina Dokai

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