A Dream Within a Dream

Recently, I read the book Ready Player One by E. Cline (now a major motion film directed by Steven Spielberg) in which reality is a nightmare and the world’s population spends most of their waking hours logged into the OASIS—a virtual reality that allows them to escape their circumstances. The book immediately reminded me of how much our lives constantly revolve around distractions. If I feel down, I can easily receive what my mind considers validation and friendship by scrolling through social media. Even beyond that, my time is constantly being filled by watching shows and movies or reading books that seem far more interesting than my own life. Escapism is something humans have employed throughout history—we’re always looking for a way to make the world we live in happier, better, and more entertaining. I titled my series A Dream Within a Dream after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem of the same title, which touches on the ideas of surrealism and the unknown. The poem may be interpreted in many ways, but I saw aspects of my own life reflected within the lines. Thanks to the internet, everywhere can be a liminal place where we exist but are distracted. It’s as if we are always dreaming, but willingly. The bright colors and lovely weather portray exactly what I envision when I hear the words "a dream within a dream."

By Anova Hou
Modeled by Wilfredo, Ellia, Mark, and Tiffany
Styled by Love To All Project with Creative Direction by Koby Chen and Justin Li

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  1. "It’s as if we are always dreaming, but willingly." The photos were so beautiful and the explanation afterwards was a great food for thought... Thank you Anova Hou!