Who Run the World?

My perfect world would be built on sisterhood. Here, I'd be part of an all-inclusive, intersectional, worldwide girl gang whose support and love would be spilling over for each other. We'd have a female president. Female leaders. I always find myself asking—what would the world be like if it was handed into the palms of women? Non-binary women, trans women, queer women, women of color, disabled women, menopausal women, plus-size women—all women. The women who get up and fight injustice every day. I find myself dreaming of a world where I could thrive on sisterly love and never be underestimated because of my gender again. I've always loved drawing women for this reason. Who wouldn’t want to draw a fierce, life-giving, miracle-working, badass human? When I draw women, I appreciate them; I champion them in all their forms. I mean, can you imagine an art museum full of only women drawn by women? What would the world look like if it was made through the female gaze? A bitch can dream.

By Zoe Alice Stromberg

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