For this shoot, I was inspired by the quiet simplicity of spring and small blooms. I wanted the images to feel less like lifestyle portraits—to instead be really straightforward and capture the feelings of the season. On the fashion side, I reflected this through minimal, feminine ensembles. The wardrobe I chose consisted mostly of neutral colors; rather than oversaturating the images with pastels and obvious seasonal colors, I wanted the setting’s natural colors to stand out. 

Essentially, I wanted to create a picturesque springtime feeling and personify the season and its subtlety through my subject, Olivia. Although she’s very humble, she is a powerhouse. We shot in Balboa Park in San Diego, which is one of the only places in the city where you have the opportunity to enjoy an all-encompassing seasonal experience. I think this series really encapsulates the growth and youth of springtime.

Photos and Styling by Ariana Velazquez
Talent by Olivia Michaels
Makeup by Taylor Mactal
Styling and Makeup Assistance by Shayla De La Cruz

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