Inside Vivian's Closet

Vivian Calloway is not only a stunning model, but a self-taught designer—she created every single piece of clothing worn in this shoot from scratch. I was so excited to do this project, because I feel like I hardly ever see models wear clothes they made themselves. Here are a few Q&A’s from an interview I did while we were shooting.  

Patrick Thompson: How did you learn to trust your intuition and not take every opinion about your clothes to heart?
Vivian Calloway: Negative opinions aren’t really relevant to me. They don’t define me. If it’s something positive you can take it to heart, but if it’s something negative it doesn’t benefit you in any way.

Patrick: What’s your process for starting a new design?
Vivian: I like to figure things out on my own. I don’t like to watch tutorials, so basically if I have an idea I just try to get from point A to point B in whatever way makes sense to me. I do whatever I feel will get me from scraps of fabric to a tangible piece of clothing. I like problem-solving!

Patrick: Are your designs vessels for self-expression?
Vivian: I just like creating cute looks. Like most people, I feel nice when I’m wearing something l love. That feeling is even more intense when you’re wearing clothing you made. You’re wearing your art everywhere you go. 

Photos by Patrick Thompson
Modeled by Vivian Calloway and Faithlyn Doeum

Styled and Designed by Vivian Calloway 

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