The In-Between

I really cherish my friendship with my mate Tash, whose creativity feeds into my own. She’s a yoga instructor, schoolteacher, barista, hospitality queen, tattoo enthusiast, and my muse.

In the indoor garden we shot in, we balanced Tash’s natural warmth with a cool green. Here in Perth, we’ve just transitioned from Djeran to Makuru, which are the Noongar seasons between autumn and winter. We created this series to exist in the in between.

It doesn’t take much for me to call in sick to work, so I decided to skip my shift and spend time with an old mate. (Granted, I wasn’t feeling 100% either.) Tash and I traded tales over lunch and sipped coffee in between short-exposure camera shutters. After a sunlit afternoon of taking photos, my intuition was telling me that creativity was perhaps the cure to my ailments.

I’m grateful to have friends that make me forget when I’m feeling like shit. And realizing that at 28 it takes me three weeks to shake a cold. I’ve decided that I want more shared creativity and less time in between collaborations with integral homies. I’m holding that sentiment close until the next lemon and lozenge stockpiling.

Photos by Cole Baxter
Modeled by Tash

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