Sister—someone on whom you can lean, someone with whom you can share problems. Someone who witnesses you through the light and shadows. The yin to your yang.
In collaboration with Alice McCall, we celebrate the joy of sisterhood and the greatest fuel behind our creative collaboration. Captured in our beach backyard in Northern Sydney, this story is a poetic dialogue of our dynamic as a duo, the landscape of motherland Australia, and a thousand splendid suns. 
Being three years apart and working together as a photographer duo wonʼt stop us from being each otherʼs best friend. We know each other by heart and finish each otherʼs sentences with just a blink of an eye (or a burst of laughter).
“We’ve moved around between cities, but our creative process stays the same. I might come up with an idea and then Sally makes a sketch that develops it further. Or vice versa. We’re equally involved in every project, and our sisterhood impacts our work massively.” - Emily May
"Our differences are very subtle and might only be obvious to us. Creatively, I find myself more spontaneous, and Emily is more of an observer. We don’t necessarily always agree, but it does work. Most times, we finish each other’s sentences, which is a balanced process." - Sally Ann

Creative Direction & Photography by Sally Ann and Emily May
Wardrobe by Alice McCall 

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