Me or Him

When creating this series, I knew I wanted to play with the rhyme, “He loves me, He loves me not” as a way to begin the story. This was really a way for me to intentionally bring in themes of innocence and youth, showing the audience that this fictional character is torn between two paths. We follow her on a journey of the love she has for someone and her beginning to accept love for herself, and we see her not knowing who to choose.

Having prepared my story before the shoot, I very carefully chose how I wanted to visually portray everything to emphasize the storytelling. I knew I wanted to capture intimacy, fragility, and the illusion of perfection. That’s why I chose to finalize the images by hand-writing the subtitles, as it allowed me to make them more personal and forced the audience to visualize the idea that the fictional character wrote the extracts herself.

By Sophie Allsop

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