Regal Illusion

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities to live in, with the dichotomy between the poverty line, the middle class, and the significantly rich. It begs the question: being born a woman in a world where patriarchy is fixed, is there a level of empowerment in this greed? A selfish but justified indulgence in luxury?

This photo story centers on the affluence. It features a sample of young women representing the kinds of female beauty in Hong Kong. With the concentration on women, it was important to us that we emphasized their beauty and their sense of alluring, liturgic power that we believe can only be found in women. Class is implicated in the styling—the furs, mini purses, preppy clothing, and rich colors. The romanticization and appreciation of women, the power in their indulgence—is it productive?"

Creative Direction by Tiffany Tong (@official_tong) and Myu Inoue (@myu.inoue)
Photos by Myu Inoue
Styling by Tiffany Tong
Modeled by Flora Chen (@floorachen), Audrey Lee(@kidaudrey), Hunter-Lee White (@whitemaggotsss), and Bryony Morgan (@brynoy)

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