Loungey Jungle

Loungey Jungle was originally inspired by a friend’s bathroom—the very one depicted in the series. Its beautiful tile, skylight, and hoard of plants sparked something inside of me. It was too beautiful to not use as a location. I decided to build on the idea of intimacy with oneself. This is represented by the lingerie and the photos being somewhat unsteady.

Loungey Jungle is my portrayal of the ideal day spent alone—one without responsibilities. For me this means showering, doing a face mask, and really just taking the time to care for my body without rushing. These days offer a sort of recharge, and that’s what I wanted this series to feel and look like. There’s a sense of being very whole and at peace with oneself that the subject, Monica, really succeeded in bringing to the series. 

The wardrobe I selected was meant to create the not a girl, yet not a woman feeling that I truly believe most women don’t grow out of until their late 20s. I wanted the series to feel feminine but not overly so. There’s a juxtaposition between the lingerie and the floral pieces. The latter is younger in nature, still playful while wanting to be taken seriously. The plants and flowers were also really important for the overall concept since they obviously indicate growth. There’s something about being surrounded by greenery that makes me feel present and at peace.

By Ariana Velazquez

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