Tarantino's Gore

Quentin Tarantino, the mastermind behind Hollywood classics like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, is no doubt one of the world’s greatest directors. But what exactly makes Tarantino’s films worth seeing? 
I wouldn’t dare dismiss the immeasurable attention he puts into every single detail in his films. The fast-paced editing in Kill Bill’s fight scenes stimulate the adrenaline in viewers’ systems; the use of silence combined with specific sound effects builds up tension; the bold, memorable styling of costumes iconize his characters, like the on-trend shades of Seventies yellow and brown” outfits in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It’s the interplay of these stylistic aspects that Tarantino takes into account when creating his A-grade films. And perhaps more importantly, a uniquely dramatic touch to Tarantino’s films is their explicit and exaggerated content. No matter what Tarantino film you watch, it’s guaranteed you’ll see blood and gore. I'd say this is what makes his work so intriguing, especially given the violence’s eerie comedy. 
This photo series is fully inspired by Tarantino’s signature gory scenes and his consistent use of the colors yellow and red. It’s essentially my attempt at creating something you’d find in one of his movies. 

Photos by Rina Dokai 
Modeled by Francesca Bertazzo

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