This project is about masculinity, sexuality, and transition from the point of view of three transgender men in my life. The project expanded to become a photographic personal project about transgender men and transgender women that I called Boys & Girls, which comes out on 2020. Meeting with each of them gave me a different perspective on everything—these guys are the ones who will teach other kids about themselves, about their identities and their rights and why they need to keep fighting for their future. 

Transgender men can be feminine or masculine; they can wear a ton of make-up or none at all. There’s no one correct way to present as transgender, because everyone lives a different experience. Each one of these models represents these themes. I created this project because I believe their stories needs to be known, and because I know their stories could change other people’s lives. They represent the reality of many transgender men in Argentina. For some of them, their transition is part of their political militancy; for others, it’s an act of freedom.

Photos by Ellie Noctis
Modeled by Feliciano Spano, Mariano Araoz, and Tomas Walger 

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