Singer-Songwriter Eva Westphal’s Thoughts on “How Things Change”

I know song premieres are typically articles written by somebody else, but bear with me. As I debated whether I would write this article myself or ask somebody else to do so on my behalf, I settled on the former. I want this introduction to this next year (and decade) of my music to be on my terms. 

As most of the people who listen to my music know, I’ve been through a good amount in the past couple years. I’m proud of the songs I’ve written that describe the sadness, exhaustion, confusion, and (eventually) gratitude that come with the experience of fighting for your life. But in the second half of 2019, I began writing songs that reflect more of who I am now: somebody who laughs, sings, and enjoys life more often than ever before. I’ve met some of the most brilliant people I know this year, and I’ve also discovered more of myself than I thought possible. “How Things Change” feels like a fitting reflection of my newfound joy mixed with an acknowledgement of (and a goodbye to) things and people that have hurt me in the past. 

It’s funny because my close friends always tell me that based on my music and social media, I seem like a serious person. In reality, I’m probably one of the goofiest, weirdest, and overall happiest people. I smile a lot and I have a lot of things to be grateful for. This year, I want my music to reflect more of that person I am in everyday life. Don’t worry, the lyric “I don’t sing sad songs anymore” doesn’t literally mean I won’t write any more sad songs—but rather that I don’t write sad songs with the same heaviness as before. I feel sadness as often as the average person, but it’s not overwhelming my life or my music anymore. 

My good friend Carla Nelson wrote “my garden is in full bloom” in one of her last public posts before her passing. I take those words with me into this next phase of my music because it really does feel like my garden is finally blooming—hence the lyric “my flowers are blooming after years of snow.” 

So, thanks for sticking around for this winding introduction. Now go listen, pretty please!

Lots of love and happy new year, 

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