Courtney Cook is a 23-year-old Libra, art school dropout, human incarnation of a sunflower, and MFA student at University of California, Riverside. Studying creative nonfiction, Courtney is passionate about finding ways to incorporate writing into her visual art and encouraging a dialogue between the mediums. When not writing or drawing, Courtney can be found napping with her senior dog, Francie, tending to her growing bedroom garden, or collaborating on zines with other artists. Her work can be found on her website and her Instagram.

Arwa Halai is a desi teen girl, a devoted art journalist, an avid DIY-er, a collage artist, and a collector of stickers and all things glittery based in Karachi, Pakistan. When it comes to making art, she is open to experimenting with new mediums; from embroidery and crochet, to paper and digital art, she's got it covered! Stay updated with Arwa's art by following her on Instagram.

Hannah Kang is a tired skater boy who likes to illustrate and paint. She can often be found dozing off in class. She dreams of spending her days in art museums and growing her Hawaiian shirt collection. You can find more of her art @dallas.kid on Instagram.

Alyssa Kissoondath is a 17-year-old creator born and raised in “small-town” Ontario. She’s constantly learning from the world around her and appreciating the little things in life that make her the happiest! Alyssa cannot wait to share the beautiful projects and the brilliant minds that Lithium constantly brings together. Find her on Instagram @alyssakissoondath to see what she’s creating and where she’s adventuring.

Bee Lachenal is an artist from the Philippines. Her artwork tends to be fun and colorful but aims to speak to and for the people with a hint of her own bizarre imagination. She finds discovering and learning new things amusing, and she fancies coffee and cats and all things weird. Check out her page here!

Edna Lazaro is a Filipina artist currently living in the Middle East. She is a big fan of psychological thrillers, mysteries, and all sorts of crazy art genres. Being the introvert she is, a big part of her life is spent listening to podcasts, speeches, and YouTube videos to enrich her introspection. She believes in the power of the universe to put all things in the right places. You can see her work on Instagram and her website.

Mariah Neumaier is a 23-year-old Richmond-based illustrator and social media marketer. She has a BFA in Communication Arts and a minor in Creative Writing from VCU. Her artwork is a collection of sexual and feminist-based black and white illustrations alongside bright abstract paintings and digital collages. Aside from her artwork, she is passionate about writing, poetry, and all things witchy. Her Instagram is @mariahneumaierart and her portfolio is

Eva Rose is a multidisciplinary artist in Los Angeles, CA. Her focuses include graphic design, collage art, illustration, motion graphics, photography, and art direction. She enjoys the tacky, low-brow, and absurd aspects of reality which she uses to communicate themes of spirituality and mental-health advocacy. You can check out more of her work on her website and Instagram

Julia Tabor is a Filipina art and design student currently residing in Manila, Philippines. She primarily specializes in illustration, graphic design, and painting. Her interests include making art, photography, sketching people, listening to indie folk music, and keeping her plants alive and well. Julia aims to create content that would inspire the people around her to love the life they live and make art as well.

Taylor Wang is a Seattle-based artist who seeks to combine traditional art forms with the emerging style of youth artists. Playful color schemes and digital manipulation, inspired by social media, fill her compositions. Wang’s art reflects her personal experience as a Chinese American as well as the broader contemporary issues that plague her generation. When she isn’t in the studio, she can be found writing prose, tinkering around in Photoshop, and procrastinating her math assignments.

Paloma Williams is a teenage girl from the East Coast. She loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and reading. She is a creative who specializes in collages but also draws and paints. Her goal in life is to spread and radiate positivity and to meet as many different people as possible. She also aspires to own a farm. You can find Paloma on Instagram.