Daisy Acosta is a small human who enjoys the creative arts. She keeps a miniature journal with her at all times and loves painting. A dinosaur enthusiast, Daisy is also a huge fan of Michael Crichton (author of Jurassic Park) and reads his books regularly. Discovering music and sharing newly found gems with other people is another favorite of hers. You can follow Daisy on Instagram here.

A toxically sarcastic Berliner, Alyona Baranova sees the world as one big gouache painting. Gazing at and drawing people in windows and on the subway is what captivates her the most. Alyona likes coincidences and being very busy. She would love to be a short-story film director or a scene designer (or maybe a cosmonaut, obviously).  You are welcome to see more of Alyona at @baurlione on Instagram!

Aimee Cole is a seventeen-year-old graphic design & motion student based in San José, California. Most everything she owns is covered in stickers and she probably won't stop dying her hair ever. She loves cold colors and her goal is to create things that inspire affection and curiosity.

Andrea Machuca Gutiérrez is a teenage creative and activist from Peru. She loves collages, film photography, and visual arts. Andrea stands for LGBTQ+ rights and feminism. She is a huge fan of indie music, online zines, and the internet.You can find Andrea on Instagram.

Arwa Halai is a desi teen girl, a devoted art journalist, an avid DIY-er, a collage artist, and a collector of stickers and all things glittery based in Karachi, Pakistan. When it comes to making art, she is open to experimenting with new mediums; from embroidery and crochet, to paper and digital art, she's got it covered! Stay updated with Arwa's art by following her on Instagram.

Kate Hunker is a 16-year-old collage fanatic living in Ottawa, Canada. She loves beaches, frozen raspberries, and cultural studies more than life itself. In the free time that she has, you can find her flipping through travel magazines, taking bubble baths, or pressing flowers. Kate dreams of taking her art overseas and living in Europe one day.

Morgan Lake is a 17- year-old currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She loves to paint and has been interested in art since she was very young. Morgan is currently obsessing over crystals, astrology, reading tarot cards, and yoga. She can often be seen shopping at thrift stores and at local concerts that have been sponsored by Burger Records. 

Cecilia Lu is a 17-year-old from upstate New York. She is an avid fan of puns, furry animals, and Trader Joe's. In her free time, you can probably find her playing tennis, watching The Office and/or TED talks, and creating art. Cecilia recently opened up an Etsy store. as a way to fundraise for local charities.

Laura Oyuela is a  young Honduran artist. Laura loves creating art and also enjoys observing it. She adores music the same way she adores art, because every song makes you feel something. Laura daydreams about being able to create more art pieces and becoming better at what she loves to do the most. You can keep up with Laura on Instagram here.

Alice Rojas is a 15-year-old "artist" from New York. Besides drawing and collaging, she likes dumpling, ceramics, and playing the first three chords of ¨Smoke on the Water¨ on the guitar over and over and over again. Alice is never without her earbuds and loves indie and folk music, especially that of Jeffrey Lewis, The Moldy Peaches and Randy Newman. She is very excited to be a part of Lithium! 

Emma Sobiski is an LGBTQ+ teen from Chicago who enjoys The X Files, going to concerts, and drawing gals. She loves garage rock and religiously listens to The Orwells and Twin Peaks. She’s currently creating her own music and art zine. You can find her art on her Instagram.

Julia Tabor is a Filipina art and design student currently residing in Manila, Philippines. She primarily specializes in illustration, graphic design, and painting. Her interests include making art, photography, sketching people, listening to indie folk music, and keeping her plants alive and well. Julia aims to create content that would inspire the people around her to love the life they live and make art as well.

Keta Tugushi is 16-year-old girl from Tbilisi, Georgia. She loves astrology and working with crystals. Though she is not a "sports girl", she adores skiing and figure skating! Keta is going to change stereotypes in her country.

Esther Vdb is a a fifteen-year-old girl from Belgium. She is a feminist and loves listening to music and making art. Esther's appearance changes a lot due to the fact that she constantly expresses myself by cutting or dying her hair, wearing makeup, and changing up her clothing style. Esther works as an artist and photographer for Lithium. You can keep up with her here.

JanieWhateva is an artist from Southeast Houston. She is an outspoken intersectional feminist who brings light to social stigmas surrounding her identity as a trans woman. Janie uses her drawings and paintings to bring attention to her message of spreading positivity, escapism through art, diversity, inclusion, and radical self-love. You can keep up with her work here.

Paloma Williams is a teenage girl from the East Coast. She loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and reading. She is a creative who specializes in collages but also draws and paints. Her goal in life is to spread and radiate positivity and to meet as many different people as possible. She also aspires to own a farm. You can find Paloma on Instagram.