Olivia Ferrucci is the 17-year-old founding editor-in-chief of Lithium. Based in New Jersey, she is a writer and baking enthusiast. Olivia loves editing, screenwriting, Clueless, and Call Me by Your Name with all of her heart and hopes to pursue writing while attending college in New York City. Olivia can most often be found listening to The Weeknd, reading other zines, or baking. You can keep up with her here!

Grace Kellar is a 19-year-old English major at a small liberal arts college in northern Virginia. Her hobbies include reading up on the newest celebrity gossip, arguing for human rights, and assuring the public that yes, the small spaceship on her arm is indeed a real tattoo. “Oh No!”, a song by her favorite artist, Dear and the Headlights, is both her self-proclaimed anthem and a statement she utters every morning as the sun rises. She can be found on Twitter and on Instagram

Lexi Miller is a writer from Maryland. She loves anything to do with painting pottery, yellow, and the Sims franchise. Lexi has discovered a love for editing written pieces and hopes to one day become an editor. Her Instagram can be found here.

Creative Director

McClaran Shirley is a seventeen-year-old from Chicago. She is passionate about photography but loves all forms of creativity and art. She loves the ocean and would almost always rather be on a beach. You can follow McClaran on Instagram here