Olivia Ferrucci is the 18-year-old founding editor-in-chief of Lithium and the executive editor of Adolescent Content. Based in New Jersey, she is a writer and baking enthusiast. Olivia loves editing, screenwriting, Clueless, and Call Me by Your Name with all of her heart and hopes to pursue writing while attending college. Olivia can most often be found listening to Brockhampton, reading other zines, or baking. You can keep up with her here!

Julianna Chen is the managing editor of Lithium Magazine and a contributing writer for Adolescent Content. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she will make Atlanta her home in the fall of 2019 to study creative writing at Emory University. Julianna is passionate about poetry, film, and stroopwafels. You can keep up with her here.

Miguel Limon is a multidisciplinary Xicanx artist based in Chicago. His work surrounds fashion, beauty, and still life through the lenses of inclusivity and diversity, using digital and analogue mediums to search for beauty in daily colors, forms, figures, and experiences. While he began his creative journey in graphic design and printmaking, photography became his major discipline at the age of 15. Since then his work has been featured on platforms like VSCO, Kodak, Local Wolves Mag, Vogue Italia, Visual Voices Mag, and others.

Kathryn Zix is a teenage photographer and filmmaker from California who loves cool music and creating. She's the social media manager of Lithium. She dreams of making many great movies in her lifetime and wants to spread positivity and love.

Deema Alawa is a 16-year-old graphic designer and self-taught illustrator with an affinity for the visceral. She is an aspiring city hermit, Lithium's art editor, and the founding editor-in-chief of Materialistic Magazine, an online magazine focused on giving a platform to youth in media. When not brushing up her grand scheme to take over the world, she can be found illustrating her dog, Saijo. You can find her on social media here and check out her ever-evolving portfolio here 

Ilana Maiman started trying to write her thoughts before she could form letters (much to her mother’s chagrin). Now, she is a sixteen-year-old living in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., splitting her time between high school and having a lot of opinions. She's the Political Editor of Lithium. Ilana loves teen movies, vintage sitcoms, pop music, and her friends. You can keep up with her on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Based in Atlanta, Brooks Sullivan is a journalism major at Georgia State. She loves all things marketing, and specializes in social media management. Brooks is notable in the Atlanta Film Community and has had several of her short films premiere during Atlanta Film Week. When she is in between projects, Brooks enjoys modeling in lifestyle and editorial shoots. To keep up with her work, check out her Instagram.