Olivia Ferrucci is the 19-year-old founding editor-in-chief of Lithium and the editor-in-chief of Adolescent Content. She has written for Crybaby Zine, and is currently a freshman at Columbia University studying creative writing and political science. Olivia can most often be found listening to Brockhampton, spending too much money on eyelash extensions, or planning trips to LA. You can keep up with her here!

Julianna Chen is the Managing Editor of Lithium Magazine and a contributing writer for Adolescent Content. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, she currently lives in Atlanta. Chen studies creative writing and film at Emory University. You can keep up with her here.

Karen Cheng is an Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor currently residing in Houston, Texas. She is an incoming student at Columbia University. While quite undecided, she hopes to major in Art History, Sociology, and/or Political Science, but is also passionate about Creative Writing and Latin. Her favorite pastimes include rock climbing, reading philosophical fiction, and adding things to her cart she knows she won’t buy. Karen can likely be found people-watching at coffee shops, browsing contemporary art museums, or meticulously curating Spotify playlists from the comfort of her bed. Follow her Instagram here!

Logan Cross is Lithium’s Associate Activism, News, & Politics Editor. She graduated from Long Beach State University with her degree in journalism and PR and a minor in dance. As a student, she also spent time as the Creative Director for PRSSA Long Beach and as a contributing writer for on-campus press outlets The Daily 49er and 22 West Magazine. When she isn’t writing and keeping up to date on all things news-related, she’s making magic as a dancer at Disneyland. 

Quin Cunningham is the Creative Director of Lithium Magazine and is so excited to work with such creative people! He currently attends Central Saint Martins and plans to study Graphic Communication Design and Fashion Communication. Originally an artist, Quin’s work focuses on identity through fashion and everyday minutiae. He mainly uses film media in his practice and can currently be found cooking his way through Where Cooking Begins by one of his favorite people, Carla Lalli Music, or posting on his Instagram Story. You can keep up with him here. 

As a music snob, AP Style nerd and stereotypical gemini, Kristy Guilbault lives and breathes all things pop culture. She's a Georgia State University grad with a B.A. in Music Journalism. In addition to being Lithium’s Culture & Entertainment Editor, she's the co-founder and music editor of an Atlanta-based arts and culture platform, Sad Girl Collective, and has bylines in NPR, Paste, Creative Loafing, Ladygunn and more. Akin to her favorite dog breed, the whippet, she's either running at full-speed or passed out on the couch. If seen in the wild, approach with caution, compliment her Canadian tuxedo and avoid use of the Oxford comma at all costs.

Jenna Kalishman is an Associate Fashion & Beauty Editor at Lithium Magazine. She is also the managing editor at Club 10:33 and a writer for sites including FilmEraReel Honey, and Screen Queens. She currently attends Colorado College where she will hopefully major in English and Film Studies. Her favorite things include Phoebe Philo era CĂ©line pieces, Batwoman comics, and the absolutely celestial film Carol. You’re most likely to encounter her wandering somewhere in the Rocky Mountains listening to Kacey Musgraves or Stevie Nicks. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @jenkalish and on Letterboxd @chastainly!

Chisom Okoye is the Community Outreach Coordinator here at Lithium Magazine. She currently attends Howard University in Washington, D.C., where she studies film, playwriting, and sociology. She has produced podcasts as well as written work for the stage and for the screen. As a writer, Chisom is passionate about making film and theatre more inclusive and diverse spaces. 

Modesty Sanchez is a writer and editor based in Boston, but is originally from Long Beach, California. In addition to being the Lithium’s Sex & Love Editor, she’s the literary editor of The Haloscope Review, and a contributing writer to a myriad of online magazines. When she’s not doing any of these things, she can be found reading, traveling, going to concerts, or watching anything by Pheobe Waller-Bridge. 

Sofia Sears is a writer and activist from Los Angeles, as well as Lithium's Books Editor. She reads too much queer lit instead of being productive and writes about female rage, books, Mitski, the power of fandom, and whatever else she can imbue with feminism. Her work has been featured in Rookie, The L.A. Times, and other publications. She hosts the Girlhood podcast, focused on girlhood and its political, social, and cultural complexities, and will be attending Swarthmore College beginning in the fall of 2019. You can find her work here.

Katherine Williams is a seventeen-year-old student and writer from Chicago, and she’s also Lithium’s Newsletter Director. She loves the postmodernism wing of the Art Institute, the dried fruit aisle of Trader Joe's, and her bed, where she watches The Good Place. 

As an aspiring political journalist, Raven Yamamoto writes like they’re running out of time. They’re passionate about covering social justice issues they’re passionate about as a form of activism, using their voice to lift up their community and others, while also dabbling in visual arts like photography, film, and poetry. But on the weekends, they’re a serial coffee shop visitor in search of the world’s best mint mocha. Two moods.

Hannah Yang is the Associate Culture & Entertainment Editor at Lithium Magazine. She also writes for Adolescent Content. Currently based in Florida, Hannah is an aspiring photographer and artist who loves director Paul Thomas Anderson, the film Carol (by Todd Haynes), and medium format color film photography. Find her work on Instagram @itsyangletshang and follow her on Letterboxd @llllhy. 

Originally from the Philippines, Dominique Bernardino is a social media intern here at Lithium and a film and PR student currently residing in Virginia. As an aspiring filmmaker, Dominique aims to write and direct films that communicate the social issues present in her motherland and also film some psychological thrillers on the side. When she's not studying, she enjoys fangirling over bands and K-pop groups. You can find Dominique's work on her portfolio and Instagram