Malaika Astorga is a Mexican-Canadian artist based in Montreal, Canada. She is currently attending Concordia University for Communication Studies. Malaika is an illustrator, animator, videographer, and the creative director of Pink Things Magazine.

Ashley Boling is an artist/graphic designer/maker of things based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She specializes in typography, printmaking, and other various forms of digital media. As a visual arts student, she is focused on discovering ways to strengthen the conceptual relationship between traditional and digital methods of communication design. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Keyre Castañeda AKA Serenilly is a 22-year-old illustrator and writer from México who is currently living in the United Kingdom. She loves astronomy, mixing everything with the color pink, and her cat named Zeus. Keyre spends her days writing and drawing while drinking a cup of tea and snacking on berry biscuits. Check out her work on Instagram. 

Georgia Dawson is an 18-year-old Aussie girl from Brisbane who is currently studying design at uni. She has a passion for art, photography, and graphic design and doesn’t mind being called a cliché art student, because these things truly bring her happiness! She always has time to educate people about mental health, and you will most likely find her surrounded by her plant friends, planning her next creative project, or determining her next #aesthetic outfit!

Eleanor Klock is an artist and journalism student at the University of Oregon. Specializing in digital illustration, Eleanor enjoys creating light-hearted, humorous comics about student life and alternative culture in the Pacific Northwest. When she’s not creating art, she can be found biking home in the rain, drinking earl grey tea, or calling her sister. More of her work can be found on Instagram.

Sabrina Oliveira is a Brazilian visual artist and filmmaker based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has studied creation advertising, and now she's going to study English. Sabrina has done illustrations for magazines and books, and she currently works in editorial production at São Paulo Museum of Art. She loves watching bad horror movies with her brother, spending time with her dog, and seeking inspiration in unexpected places. You can find Sabrina on her website, Instagram, Vimeo and Behance.

Rachel Saxby is a graphic artist and filmmaker who specializes in archival footage and mixed media. She likes warm colors and eats a lot of soup. Experimentation and rhythm within art is important to her. She’s based in Los Angeles for the love of citrus trees and chaos, and is always down to create (and/or dance) with people.

Chloe Taal is a young creative from Manila who has a passion for graphic design, short filmmaking, and sometimes photography. As of now, she and her friends are currently creating their own zine. Other than that, Chloe loves reading, lo-fi music, and Timotheé Chalamet! 

Teresa Woodcock is a crafter who loves cats, chai tea, glitter, Harry Potter, and happy things. She currently resides with her brother and sister in Montreal, Canada, and you will most likely find her in the arts and crafts store. Her mission as an artist is to help the world feel a little less lost and a lot less sad.