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JOB DESCRIPTION: As a contributor, you will be expected to submit one post every month according to a given theme. All submissions should consist of complete, quality content. We make sure each contributor is unique and can bring something creative to the table!
WHO WE'RE LOOKING FOR: Illustrators that can whip something up quickly and for various pieces that need visuals, DIYers, writers, photographers, musical contributors, and graphic designers. We would LOVE people interested in writing music reviews and articles!
HOW YOU CAN APPLY: Please select one of the applications below! Copy and paste the form into your own document and fill it out. Email it to us at info@lithiumagazine.com.

The Lithium crew is like a family. If you can create one piece a month, we'd love to have you! For more details, email us (info@lithiumagazine.com) or leave us a question in our ask box.

Photo by Adrian Diaz