About Us

Lithium Magazine was founded with the intent to create a space and platform in which teens and young adults of all walks of life can express themselves through the most creative and freeing means possible. We do not cater to commercialization nor expectations. Rather, we aspire to amplify all voices that have something to say. We discuss what young people are so frequently told not to, whether it be politics, mental health, or the deeply rooted complexities of what it means to be young. Lithium is here for you. 

Photo by Willian Alava

In December of 2015, sixteen-year-old Lithium editor-in-chief Olivia Ferrucci made a harmless Instagram post asking if anyone would submit to a magazine she was thinking of creating. The reaction was remarkable, and more than sixty people responded overnight. On December 31st, Lithium released the New Beginnings issue, a compilation of teens' photography, art, writing, and reviews. The idea behind Lithium was simple: millennials from all over the world should be able to express their creativity safely and unapologetically.

Throughout 2016, Lithium soared. We began taking on team members, slowly growing as the year progressed. We hosted interviews with Buzzfeed's Michelle Khare, New York City singer Zolita, and a host of social media influencers boasting hundreds of thousands of followers. We sold shirts and pins! In December, we hosted our very own birthday celebration in Manhattan. Lexi, Olivia, Dharma, Amanda, Angelica, Natalie, and Marisol were all present. It was a dream.

In 2017, Lithium exceeded 500,000 views. We've interviewed Adam Ruins Everything's Adam Conover, ex-My Chemical Romance member Ray Toro, and Brandon Perea of Netflix's The OA. Our team is rapidly approaching ninety full-time contributors, and we have members in 17 countries and 25 states. We partnered with Adolescent Content and continue to collaborate with them on a weekly basis. Limits do not exist because we don't allow them to. 

From day one, Lithium had one singular goal. We strive to create a space in which teens and young adults alike can discuss their thoughts freely and through whatever medium they'd like. Whether you live in Taiwan or Texas, Lithium holds a place for you. Here's to continuing to create! 

Site illustrations by Rachel Dohner.