Sonya Alfano is a photographer from New Jersey. She has been shooting as an artistic break from her studies in pre-pharmacy; she specializes in portrait and concert work. Sonya is a die-hard Streetlight Manifesto fan (she has seen them 20+ times), and her favorite TV character is Babou from Archer. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter, and check out her work on her website.

Sophie Allsop is a 19-year-old photographer based in the West Midlands. She has been challenging herself focusing on her love for photography since the age of 16 and is now studying that at Coventry University. While doing this, she reads, binge-watches Netflix, and obsesses over every cute dog she sees on Instagram. She enjoys live music, traveling, and driving. You can keep up to date with Sophie on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Gabby Baniqued is an 18-year-old creative based in Maryland. She is a self-taught photographer (forever loyal to Nikon); her passion for photography comes second only to writing, which she heavily integrates into her story-based photo projects. Her pieces focus on the richness of youth, diversity, and, from personal experience, the simple joys of long-distance relationships. You can follow her work here

Helen Bradshaw is a teenager living on a farm in Florida. She has always loved photography, but she really got into it through her hedgehog. She also loves drawing and is an avid lover of National Treasure, Broadway musicals, Harry Potter, and Stevie Wonder. She enjoys traveling, specifically on road trips, and more specifically, to Washington, D.C. You can find her on Instagram. 

Preston A. Brock is a New Jersey-based photographer focusing on power and beauty though sensuality and color composition. Using film and digital, he works towards engaging the viewer with a hopeful sense of strength and empowerment. When he's not diligently working on his photography, Preston likes to bike, meet new people, and laugh with his friends. To keep up with Preston, check out his website or follow his Instagram @superstraight.

Shane Brown is a self-taught 17-year-old photographer based in Los Angeles, California. Shooting with a Canon EOS 1300D, he shoots just about everything, from portraits to landscapes, to macro to wildlife. Inspired heavily by music, he creates as much content as possible while still completing his junior year in high school. You can keep up with Shane on his Instagram and check out his photography on his website

Isha Chirimar is an NYC-based art-loving teenager with an affinity for all things indie rock, who will most likely have a new hair color every time you see her. She wants to use photography to explore the culture around her in New York City. Originally from India, she also wants to use photography and art to merge her two cultures. You can keep up with her on Instagram.

Zoé Claudel is a photographer from Strasbourg, France studying Media and Information in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She has been a self-taught travel and landscape photographer for two years. In general, her photography style focuses on capturing the natural aspects of the world and daily life. Outside of photography, she enjoys binge-watching shows such as How I Met Your Mother and is interested in fashion.  

Jourdan Cunningham is a film photographer and hand-printer currently residing in Louisville, Kentucky. She has a BFA in Design and Film Photography with a double minor in Art History and Psychology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a huge Stanley Kubrick fan and lover of all things 1960's. When she isn't making art, Jourdan runs a small online vintage shop, hangs out with friends, and goes on walks with her dog Kylie. You can follow Jourdan here.

Trejon D’Angelo is an 18-year-old fashion photographer based out of Dallas. His background in graphic design and video editing led him into the digital photography field in 2016. Ever since then he's been telling stories and creating little worlds with his camera, pursuing a long-term goal of shooting editorials for fashion magazines like Dazed, i-D, and 032c. Aside from photography, Trejon loves cooking, eating, and watching independent films in his bedroom. You can follow with his work through Instagram or on his website.

Ines Donfack is a 16-year-old from Maryland who loves film and photography. She started photography 2 years ago and quickly fell in love with it. Since then, she’s devoted all her free time to learning the skills and techniques needed for photography and eventually delved into videography and film. She now works with local artists by creating videos for their projects. 

Yves Esapa is a photographer and graphic designer based in Orlando, Florida. He goes to the University of Central Florida and studies Graphic Design and Emerging Media Management. Yves has been doing photography for five years and graphic design for three and has no intention on limiting himself in what he can do. Yves also does creative directing, produces music, writes, and acts. He strives to create the art you didn’t know you needed. Keep up with him on Instagram.

Julia Fletcher is a photographer, artist, bookmaker, and film enthusiast living and working in Baltimore, MD. She’s currently pursuing a BFA in Photography with a minor in Art History/Film Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art. She considers herself to be 30% artist and 70% breakfast food. When she isn’t making art, Julia’s traveling hundreds of miles to see her favorite band, Twin Peaks. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and her website

Jasmine Flora is an eighteen-year-old portrait photographer currently studying at the University of British Columbia. Her work is defined by its dynamic use of color and pattern and its inspiration from fashion photography. With analogous and complimentary color schemes, her pieces draw attention to details and bring out her subjects’ style and personality. To keep up with her work, you can follow her Instagram here.

Syahirah Harun is a Malaysian photographer who calls Saudi Arabia and London her “second homes.” Syahirah dreams of traveling the world and opening her mind to new experiences and cultures. She loves avocados, face masks, doing people’s makeup (as well as her own), and photoshoot sessions with her friends. She has also seen the movies Me Before You and Love, Rosie at least five times. You can keep up with her here.

Anova Hou is a teenage photographer and artist from the West Coast of Canada. She mostly resides behind a camera and can be found writing films and poems, reading her plentiful books, and exploring the world. She and her photography work can be found on her Instagram and website.

Carly Hough is an 18-year-old photographer and filmmaker native to Colorado. She loves old-school horror movies and Death Cab for Cutie, and is attending Ithaca College in New York as a Film, Photo, and Visual Arts major. When she's not out with her camera, you can find her watching Master of None, playing with her black lab, Lena, or blasting ’80's music in her car. You can find Carly on InstagramTwitter, and Youtube. 

Adèle Mathieu is a 21-year-old from France who is studying photography in Canada. She loves everything about art. Besides photography, Adèle is passionate about tattoos.

Blair Moore is a 19-year-old photographer from Minneapolis. She is inspired by the dreamy façade of a glamorous lifestyle and old memories. She strives to inspire and relate to others through her art. Besides photography, Blair loves to paint and listen to her vinyl records. You can keep up with Blair on her website, Instagram, and Twitter.

Somiah Nettles, also known as Miah, is a teen photographer from Oakland, California who seeks adventure. Somiah loves speaking French, and she loves all kinds of music. She wants to attend UCLA, where she will continue her photography studies. Somiah is also a big Finn Wolfhard/Stranger Things fan. She enjoys meeting other youth creators and spreading positivity.
You can keep up with her on Instagram.

Kaya Nieves is a Seattle-based photographer. Her work can be described as glowy and dreamlike, while the underlying themes tend to challenge conventionality and represent those often overlooked. She enjoys watching films and listening to music in her free time. You can see Kaya's work on her Instagram here.

Natalie Ondrik is a photographer and an adventurer who calls New Jersey her home and loves immersing herself in the hearts of nature, abandoned places, and her best friends. When she isn't discovering new spots to photograph or explore, she's enjoying a warm bath, stressing over all the unread books piled up in her room, or admiring Bastille. 

Alba Perez is a 21-year-old photographer and writer based in Valencia, Spain. Besides taking photos, she loves baking tons of cookies and watching movies. Some of her hobbies include reciting quotes from Clueless, dancing to old-fashioned songs in the kitchen, and looking for amazing clothes online she will never buy. In her free time, she's pursuing a Communication degree. You can join her mess here.

María Sánchez is a 21-year-old artist from Caracas, Venezuela. She is currently pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at Maryland Institute College of Art at Baltimore. María considers herself an interdisciplinary artist because most of her work concentrates on photography, sculpture, video, graphic design, and sometimes fibers. Her work surrounds conceptual ideas and is based on themes about transparency, the body as a sculpture, and political issues from her native country. You can keep up with María on Instagram.

Alanis Santiago-Rodriguez is a 17-year-old aspiring photojournalist with an affinity for road trips, roses, coffee and Lana Del Rey. Inspired by Jack Kerouac's On the Road, Alanis started to photograph people she'd met in an attempt to capture their essence. Originally from Puerto Rico, she plans on attending college in New York City.  You can follow Alanis on Instagram and VSCO.

Carson Scott is an eighteen-year-old photographer originally from Wetumpka, AL. Now in Eugene, Oregon, she goes to the University of Oregon where she majors in photography and journalism. With a focus on portraiture, Carson loves to capture the essence of her subject in a way that portrays the personality of both the model and herself. She is also an avid lover of music; her favorite bands are The Clash, Grimes, and The Velvet Underground. You can keep up with Carson on Instagram.

Sophie Sebastiani is a young person living in the Southern United States who loves creating beautiful things. Photography, design, and writing are just some of the subjects she loves learning about and practicing. Sophie loves her friends, crafting a cool Instagram aesthetic, Korean fashion, puppies, and worrying about life (just kidding). You can find her work on her website and her Instagram.

Kayla Smith is a film photographer based in New Jersey. She has a BFA in Studio Art from Drew University. She adores instant photography and shoots almost exclusively on her grandmother’s old Polaroid Spectra camera. When she isn’t taking photographs, Kayla plays soccer, takes her dog on hikes, and looks for new music. You can keep up with her by visiting her website or following her Instagram.

Annette Sousa is a 21-year-old college senior just trying to get through the day in Thousand Oaks, California. Whether it be film, digital, or basic iPhone photography, she’s always taking photographs. Her favorite places to shoot are LA, Malibu, and anywhere with character. Though it is not her chosen profession, photography is extremely important to her. Look at life through her lens on her Instagram or VSCO.

Taylor Sweeten is an eighteen-year-old high school senior living in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. She has dreamed of working in the photography field for as long as she can remember. Besides photography, she enjoys thrift shopping and listening to David Bowie an unhealthy amount. She enjoys curling up on the couch with her two favorite fur babies and watching a good movie. You can keep up with Taylor on Instagram and Twitter.

Hannah Thompson is a teenage photographer from California. She enjoys long nights filled with TV show marathons, books, and drawing. Her love belongs to boba tea and her mini poodle, Stiles. You can follow Hannah on Instagram here.

Patrick Thompson is a teenager and a mess from Long Beach. He is an aspiring photographer, creative, and activist. He usually spends time reading articles and watching anime. Patrick desperately wants to travel and experince as much as he can. He wants to learn from other people and share their voices in addition to his own. You can follow Patrick on his exciting journey as he attempts to become less of a mess here

Soani Velez is a nineteen-year-old photographer who hopes to make an impact on the world through photography. You can keep up with Soani on Instagram and Tumblr.

Born and raised in Maui, Raven Yamamoto is currently studying Journalism at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Through her unique perspective and various art mediums of choice, Raven hopes to represent her roots well in the L.A. art scene and reach others like her. Follow her on Instagram  and Vimeo to keep up with her work!