All submissions should be sent to!

Lithium works to maintain a safe space in which readers can express their feelings and share their work. We are always open to new ideas and media types, and can't wait to see what you come up with!


This month, we're hosting an open call for submissions! No theme is required. Just send us something you're proud of.
Due date: October 31st

Inspiration: Check out our project idea list!


1. You don't have to be an official contributor to submit! 
2. Please make sure your contribution relates to the current theme.
3. Please provide your full name and age, unless you'd wish to remain anonymous.
4. Please provide a brief description of your piece, the meaning, why you're submitting it, etc.
5. If you are submitting writing, a review, or an advice section, it would be very helpful if you could provide a visual work of some sort to go along with it!
6. Please provide all visuals in the highest resolution possible.


How will I know if my work has been accepted? 
As soon as your work has been approved, we'll shoot you an email to let you know when it will be published! If you don't hear from us, if means that we were unable to use your work in the particular issue, but please keep trying! There will be many more chances for us publish your work. 

What kinds of written pieces are you looking for? 
We accept a wide range of writing including fiction, non-fiction, poems, jokes, journal entries, lists things that make you upset, things that make you happy, etc. 

How long does my piece have to be?
We have no minimum length, but please try to keep written submissions under 3,000 words.

Can I submit more than one piece?
Yes, of course!

How specific to the theme do I have to be?
We prioritize quality over conformity. If you have a great idea that you’re really passionate about, go for it. Otherwise, try to talk about the theme in a unique or out-of-the-box way. 

Do you pay contributors? Since our founding, Lithium has been a nonprofit, volunteer-run publication. We prioritize passion over profit, meaning that not one of our team members is paid for Lithium material. With that being said, we do offer paid opportunities to select team members in collaboration with our partners.

Is there a deadline? 
All submissions are due on the last Friday of the month and will then be posted on the following Sunday.