Aashna Agarwal is a first-year student at New York University, studying Journalism and Computer Science. She defines herself by her love for words and expression, striving to empower others every day. 

Ticia Almazan hails from ever-sunny Manila, Philippines. She spends most of her days listening to Seventeen, chewing salted chocolate chip cookies, and looking for the perfect strappy sandals. Her favorite daydreams are ones that consist of idle summer afternoons, and her favorite fruit is the mango. You can keep up with her hair clip obsession on her Instagram.

Didem Arslanoglu is a nineteen-year-old content creator, writer, and admirer of art in all its differing forms. She is originally from the Bay Area and currently resides in Philadelphia, studying English with a concentration in Creative Writing. She hopes to head out to New York City someday to pursue theatre and writing. When Didem isn’t reviewing coffee shops across the city, writing teenage angst-ridden poetry, or tending to her food blog religiously, she is...sleeping. You can take a peek at her poetry book here and keep up with her zest for life here.

Upneet Aujla is a 17-year-old writer from Houston, TX who likes to discuss unconventional truths, culture, and perspectives. Besides writing she enjoys singing, photography, and speech and debate. She spends most of her time exploring the far out, culturally enriched, or obscure perspectives in life. 

Meshall Awan is an eighteen-year-old creator based in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys writing and can often be found scribbling on the paper and napkin scraps that fill her bags. When she’s not writing or filming videos, she is most likely to be found binge-watching a show, scrolling through pictures of cats, listening to indie folk, or eating ramen. You can keep up with Meshall on Instagram here

Cassandra Bristow is a writer from Baltimore, Maryland currently attending Pratt Institute for an MFA in the craft. She loves to analyze Robert Frost poetry and read biographies about women in her spare time, and hopes to someday write historical fiction about the Renaissance era. Her poetry appears in Beyond The Commons Magazine. You can find her on Instagram at @mycupidshuffle.

Seventeen-year-old Faith Chandler is located in Dallas, Texas. Her dream is to move to New York City and attend NYU to work towards an English degree. Faith is crazy about contemporary poetry, thrifting, cats, concerts, indie/alternative music, and city life. Her writing mainly focuses on love and mental health issues. You can keep up with her personal life here.

Megan Clark is a 22-year-old senior at Towson University, earning her degree in English Composition. She lives in Harford County, Maryland with her boyfriend. She loves her dogs, her family, and Netflix above all else. One day she hopes to destroy the patriarchy and smash stereotypes all over the world. Follow Megan on Instagram, and read her blog here.

Alexis Cochrane is a digital girl in a virtual world who got her start on piczo.com (RIP). When she is not writing over-emotional poetry, she is researching digital media and technology through a feminist lens at the University of Toronto. Her goal is to make the digital space a more inclusive place for everyone. See more at @virtualexis.

For the better part of three years, Elijah Collins has been writing and acting. Her dream college would either be Savannah College of Art and Design, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, or New York University. Elijah absolutely adores history and loves writing about it even more. You can keep up with Elijah here.

Jacob Craigo-Snell was born in Guatemala and came to the United States as an infant. Hs is a student at DePaul University where he is studying playwrighting. He also attended Commonwealth Theatre Center in Louisville, KY for seven years where he studied the arts of acting, directing, playwrighting, and stage managing. Jacob is an award-winning writer who has had six plays produced on stage and one short film. You can follow him on Instagram here. 

Angelica Crisostomo is a 19-year-old creative based in New York. While currently a writer, she’s an aspiring journalist, non-profit business owner, and documentary filmmaker with plans to travel the world and tell as many stories as she can. She drinks a lot more coffee than her mother approves of, is constantly trying to remember French grammar rules, loves activism and people, and spends most of her time listening to Maggie Rogers and Lorde on loop, angry that she didn’t write their songs first. 

Logan Cross is a 21-year-old writer, student, and dancer based in Long Beach, California. Originally from the Bay Area, Logan relocated to Southern California to pursue her two passions at Long Beach State University where she is about to finish up her final year as a journalism and public relations major with a minor in dance.

Sofia De Ceglie is a lover of rock ’n roll, classic novels, poetry, vintage fashion, art, and life in every form. A spontaneous and empathic soul, she was raised in Rome, lived in Dubai, and is currently studying English Literature at university in London. She's passionate about human, animal, and environmental rights, and aspires to be an investigative journalist and writer. You can find some of her work here and here, and keep up with her on Instagram

Amelia Dogan is based on the East Coast with roots from all over. Her writing focuses on pop culture, feminism, art, and technology. Often, she is either reading, playing Scrabble, listening to podcasts, watching rom-coms, or plotting how to take over the world (she was voted most likely to become a dictator of a small European country in middle school). Her work has appeared in Polyester Zine, The Brave Some, and Redefy. You can keep up with her thoughts here and check out her work here

Sixteen-year old Simi Fagbemi was born, raised, and schooled in America, Nigeria, Kenya, and England (figure it out!). The Nigerian-American’s hobbies include playing the flute and violin, reading classics that make your brain churn (think Fahrenheit 451, Lord of the Flies), and pondering how every stranger around her carries their own lifetime of unique, shaping experiences (or experiences trifle to their character, depending, I suppose, on your take of Locke's Blank Slate Thesis). You can keep up with her here.

Dharma Gilley is an award-winning teenage writer with dreams of being an art therapist. She hopes to one day better her skills in art, filmmaking, and writing. Some of Dharma's passions include gardening, spoken word poetry, videography, tea, hats, and watching sunsets. You can follow her on Instagram @dharmatheegg and @theartofdharma.

Wen Hsiao is a content creator from Taipei, Taiwan. She currently resides in Amsterdam, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media and Information at the University of Amsterdam. Wen is a senior writer at Lithium Magazine, which she’s been working with since March of 2016. Wen enjoys writing about love, music, and culture. She hopes to publish her own collection of love stories and have a newspaper column one day. You can keep up with Wen on Instagram and Twitter.

Alana James is a seventeen-year-old based in Grove City, Ohio. Her hobbies include cuddling with her bulldog, fangirling over K-pop, and drinking milk tea. Her favorite colors are pastel pink and dark mahogany. Alana is an Aries who keeps up to date with her horoscope. Her favorite musicians are BTS, Halsey, The 1975, Melanie Martinez, Dean, Jay Park, and Zion-T.

Sarah Kearns is a seventeen-year-old writer and photographer from New York City. She loves thrifting, fashion, and dancing. Sarah is currently an intern at a local newspaper and plans to study journalism in college next year. You can check out her website here.

Kaitlin Konecke works in marketing, brand management, and graphic design at a small publishing company in Baltimore, MD. In her free time she enjoys perusing home goods stores, reading dystopian novels, thinking critically about popular culture, playing the Nintendo 3DS, and Instagramming pictures of her fat cat, George Cadbury, who is a luscious cream-filled egg. A Gryffindor and an extrovert, she holds a degree in Electronic Media and Film. You can check out her poetry on Instagram.

Megan Loreto is a nineteen-year-old writer originally from the Bay Area. She is currently attending Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where she studies English and History. She enjoys driving on the 405 at night, taking photographs of her friends, reading in coffee shops, keeping up with all the new food trends, discussing social justice issues, and watching movies with her mom. Keep up with her on Instagram and Tumblr

Alana Rose Marcelino is a nineteen-year-old from San Diego, California. Love, culture, and self-awareness are very important to her. She likes to look at things differently, to better understand them from everyone's perspectives. Through writing, she is able to express not only herself, but how she sees the world. As a young, bisexual, Filipino woman she finds that being able to share her perspective is important because it creates a place that media normally would not have for her. You can keep up with her on Instagram and Twitter.

Kevin Martinez, 18, is a Utah-based fashion and art enthusiast. Kevin enjoys going out with friends, shopping, eating exotic foods, dogs and having meaningful conversations. Kevin plans on attending Pace University in New York City this fall and is currently trying to finish his final year of his school’s IB Diploma program while working part-time as a host at a local restaurant. Kevin is very social and extroverted so if you like his work, feel free to write him a comment or keep up with his life on Instagram and Twitter: @Kevinn0226.

Sophia Moore is a 16-year-old writer based in Southern California. She can be found passionately penning works ranging from dramatic poetry, to insightful articles, to extravagant short stories about almost every topic imaginable. Beyond the literary world, Sophia enjoys voicing her opinions through debate, discovering new music (or more likely, listening to the same three playlists on repeat!), browsing lifestyle and fashion blogs, and taking her dog out on long walks. You can keep up with her antics @scribblersoph on Twitter.

Melissa Ouhocine is an eighteen-year-old writer and bookworm from good old New Jersey. She spends much of her time reading books from the public library that she considers a second home. Melissa loves writing and creating works that have greater meaning in our world. Melissa takes inspiration from the Time’s Up feminists and classic writers like Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway, and Margaret Atwood. She is passionate about women’s studies, politics, literature, chemistry, and nature, and hopes to one day change the world with her writing. 

18-year-old Andrea Panaligan is a writer and photographer from the Philippines. Currently a behavioral sciences student, her work usually revolves around coming of age and how adolescence is simultaneously nothing and everything. Her other passions include film, ideas of identity and the process of selfhood, feminism, mental health, and young adult literature. 

Rachel Pfeffer is a Towson University student and writer who has been writing for eleven years. At twenty-one, she has experience writing fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. She loves writing about mental health and relationships in her prose and enjoys experimenting with the formats she uses in her poetry. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @rachelperfff and read some of her older articles on her blog.

Elysa (pronounced elle-lih-ssa) Rivera is an NYC-based intersectional feminist and churro enthusiast. She best describes herself as a storyteller, a title she adopted after she discovered her love for and fascination with artistic narrative in all mediums. Elysa likes to spend her time writing and exploring the intersections of art and design. See what Elysa is up to on her Instagram

Juana Sagarduy is an ESL teacher from Argentina who likes writing more than she likes sleeping. When she’s not teaching or scribbling words in her notebooks, she enjoys spending time with her friends, walking around the city while listening to Lorde’s songs, and rewatching The Office. She’s obsessed with Star Wars and calls herself an Anakin Skywalker soldier. Her passion is finding stories—the deeper they are buried, the better! 

Sumona Sarin is a 16-year-old aspiring writer and caffeine enthusiast based in New Delhi, India. She can often be found reading self-care books, watching sappy films to satisfy her inner hopeless romantic, and trying to decipher her natal chart. Sumona hopes to attend college in London and eventually make her way all across the globe. You can find her on Instagram at @sumonasarin.

Calla Selicious is an eighteen-year-old from New York City. She is currently attending the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and studying International Relations and Film. You can find her work at Violet Magazine (@violetmagnyc) and keep up with her on Instagram @callaselish.

Charlotte Smith is a Baltimore-based student, artist, photographer, and writer. She studies at Towson University, where she majors in Mass Communications and minors in Creative Writing. Charlotte wants to use her art and writing to talk about important topics such as mental health, body positivity, and self-love. You can find her on Instagram and follow her on Twitter for some quality feminist rants.

Paola Trusendi is a Swiss-Colombian photographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her art is described as feminist, experimental, loud, and vibrant. She enjoys horror movies, rainy nights, and listening to The Misfits on repeat. You can find Paola's work on her website and Instagram.

Claudine Urdaneta is a seventeen-year-old Venezuelan writer with a big love for all that is satirical comedy. When she's not writing, she enjoys acting, playing Pokemon, and listening to Panic! at the Disco, Linkin Park, and Bring Me The Horizon. Claudine hopes to someday become a journalist and publish a book of her own, as well as influence those around her to appreciate the small things that give us beauty in life. Keep up with her here!

Anna Vo is a nineteen-year-old college student based in San Francisco. She's currently attending the Academy of Art University and majoring in Fashion Journalism. In her free time, you can find Anna running around the city taking photos, catching sunsets, and cafe hopping. She hopes to one day be a contributor for i-D! You can find her on Instagram and Tumblr. Check out her portfolio here!

Ryan Vortisch is a sixteen-year-old aspiring writer from the West Coast. When not writing or crying over cute dogs, he's usually lost in a land of soft music and well-steeped tea. He loves Sunday mornings and the television show Friends, and will never forget to remind you that boys can love flowers, too. You can find Ryan here

Emily Walker is a New York City native, a comparative literature student, and a big supporter of linguistic anarchy. She reads, writes, and speaks five languages fluently but still uses her cellphone calculator to do basic math. You can find her as the token friend with bangs @snipbang on Instagram.

If not for Sonia Wee’s romanticized version of New York, she’d still be in sunny Singapore. Nonetheless, she’s proud to call Syracuse University her home away from home. Sonia is a proud owner of eight stuffed sloths, a few too many yellow sweaters, and most Jane Austen collectables. She is also constantly stressing out over the new Instagram algorithm, crazily dancing to the La La Land soundtrack, and actively trying not to burn the food she puts in her Crock-Pot. You should check her out.

Colton Wills is a junior in high school in the Bay Area. He enjoys watching sunsets, eating avocados in all forms, and spending time with his cats. He's never read anything by Kurt Vonnegut he hasn't loved and (though he keeps it quiet) likes doing math in his free time. After high school, he plans to travel whenever he gets the chance. Colton thanks you for taking a few seconds to read about his life.